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ITACARÉ is a small city in the state of Bahia, Brazil, located on the Cacau Coast, south of Salvador. Logo Pousada Villa Nakara It is very famous for the beauty of its beaches, which attract many surfers, natural beauties, stunning waterfalls with a landscape surrounded by water and Atlantic forest. White sand surrounded by coconut palms, sunshine in more than 300 days of the year, a refreshing breeze blowing from the blue sea. The seasoning and the hospitality that only Bahia offers make of Itacaré one of the best destinations to get to know. With sun shining almost all year round, it even gives time to plan the trip to the months when the city is quieter, between July and October. The nightlife of Itacaré is another chapter with lots of reggae, forró, rock and incredible energy, the city gets really up and warm after midnight.

Come to Itacaré to spend a vacation of joy, adventure and pleasure. We are waiting for you!

New York Times listed Itacaré as one of the 53 places in the world that are worth to be visited and already ranked 41st in the list of the most popular tourist attractions.

Premium Package:

  • (8×10) Stay 10 days at a value of 8.
  • Free transportation round trip Ilhéus-Itacaré, maximum three people.
  • Includes breakfast.

  • Total Package Price =U$S 808
  • 25% discount = U$S 202


  • Premium Package Price = U$S 606

Special Package:

  • (5×7) Stay 7 nights at a value of 5.
  • Round trip Ilhéus-Itacaré with a 20% discount.
  • Includes breakfast.

  • Total Package Price = U$S 611
  • Discount 27% = U$S 165


  • Special Package Price = U$S 446

Standard Package:

  • Stay 4 nights with a discount of 15%.
  • Includes breakfast.

  • Total Package Price = U$S 387
  • Discount 15% = U$S 58


  • Standard Package Price = U$S 329

  • Important: Do not forget to put the preferred package name in the subject of your reservation.

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